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MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING - Neauveau Fiber Art Cloud Alpaca Cotton Faux Silk Luxe Blend - 4 oz

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING - Neauveau Fiber Art Cloud Alpaca Cotton Faux Silk Luxe Blend - 4 oz

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One of my Shakespearean inspired textures for carding into art batts, spinning, felting, free-form weaving and fiber art! I have run this fiber thru a wool picker to open it up into my signature "wool cloud" which can be spun similar to an art batt.

Yes you can spin this into yarn right from the bag!

This zero-waste based blend took over a year to curate, clean, dye, and blend from start to finish. This is a limited edition colorway and cannot be repeated. A tiny amount of vm may be present in some of the alpaca locks, which will fall out when carding.

This blend includes the following fibers:

  • Locally grown natural alpaca*
  • Hand-Dyed cotton nepps*
  • Hand-Dyed wool yarn cloud*
  • Hand-Dyed faux silk (rayon)*
  • Hand Dyed faux wool (nylon)
  • Rare gold-iris crimp angelina sparkle
  • Rare gold holographic angelina sparkle
  • Novelty ribbon and recycled threads may be present*

*a zero-waste fiber, either a byproduct of the commercial textile industry, or reclaimed from local mills, or recycled in house to be kept out of landfills.

All my fibers are stored in moth-proof packaging. 

SAMPLE photos in this listing include my holding 1 oz of this texture blend, carding texture with white wool on a drum carder, and a handspun yarn that is 25% texture and 75% wool plied with novelty thread. These samples are not included in this listing.

Every bag has subtle differences due to the nature of the dyeing and blending process of these fibers.

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