How to Spin Yarn Masterclass by Ashley Martineau

After writing my book Spinning and Dyeing Yarn I realized that learning how to spin yarn from a book can be difficult for beginners who have never spun before. I decided to make a video series on how to spin yarn based on everything I had learned since teaching myself how to spin in 2003. Below are introductions to the three classrooms I have programmed onto my website to teach you how to spin yarn. 



This classroom includes 20 different methods for spinning a single-ply yarn. The lessons begin at a introductory beginner level, and increase in technicality as you move forward. I recommend watching the courses in order. These methods are foundational to creative and modern textures of art yarn, or can be used in traditional hand spinning plying methods as well.


This classroom includes 20 different methods for plying yarn. Many of these methods are traditional and some of them are quite avant garde! The methods get more and more technical as the course continues. Every method in the SINGLE and CORESPUN series can be used in the PLIED video series to mix and match and create your own unique combinations of spinning techniques to create your own signature yarn. 


This classroom includes 20 different methods for corespinning yarn. Corespinning yarn is when you have a core thread and wrap fiber around it at a 90 degree angle. This is an intermediate method to try after you feel comfortable with the basics of spinning yarn. The first video is introductory for beginners, and each video grows in technicality as you continue thru the course. Near the end of the course I will experiment with several strange and unique cores for spinning to inspire you to consider what else might be used as a core.