• Single-Ply Masterclass

    In this FREE beginner-friendly YouTube masterclass series I teach 20 methods for spinning a single-ply yarn.

  • Plied Masterclass

    Continue your spinning education with me on YouTube and learn how to ply 20 different textures using the methods I taught in my single-ply masterclass.

  • Corespun Masterclass

    My third masterclass series will teach you how to spin 20 different traditional and creative corespinning methods. These are fun to use for plying as well!

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"Inspiring" ... "Entrancing" ... "True Fiber Art"

Ashley Martineau is a wife, mother of 3, artist, author, spinning wheel designer, weaver, texture collector, and creative old soul who is passionate about ancient art history and the humanities.

Her book Spinning and Dyeing Yarn is a highly valued collectors item and rare to find available for sale. She offers online spinning mentorships and has worked with SpinOlution and SpinPerfect since 2015 to design state of the art fiber tools and spinning wheels for creative spinners around the world.

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