natural ingredients and effects fibers

Undyed "raw" materials to create your own blends, dye your own fibers, try something new, or incorporate more natural tones into your fiber art.

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dyed ingredients & effects fibers

Dyed ingredients including cotton, bamboo, eucalyptus, and wool to create your own signature texture blend. Perfect for felters and art batts.

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recycled and rescued thread texture blends

Recycled loom warp ends and rescued novelty and vintage yarn blends for carding art batts, spinning textured yarns, and felting.

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wool and alpaca fiber art blends

Hand dyed and carefully blended textures of wool and alpaca fiber for carding, felting, and spinning. Each colorway is limited edition and may include endangered wool breeds, recycled wool, and fine wool.

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cotton and other plant fiber art blends

Hand dyed and carefully blended textures of cotton, rayon, and eucalyptus fiber for blending into art batts for spinning. Each colorway is limited edition, impossible to duplicate, and includes zero waste fibers, hand-dyed fibers, and rare effects fibers.

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textured art batts

Hand carded one of a kind art batts ready to spin into art yarn or felt right out of the bag.

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textured art wool rovings

triple-strand braids of dyed roving, rare breed roving, and rare breed locally grown fleece. Blend these on your drum carder into batts or spin them into textured yarns.

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handspun art yarns

Handspun one of a kind skeins of art yarn ready for felting, weaving, knitting, or crochet.

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weaving supplies

Shop for textures to use in your weavings including recycled hand-cut ribbons, saori-compatible bobbins of textured yarns, rare American upholstery selvage, and (coming soon) braids of textured warp thread for weaving.

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feeform crochet couture

I enjoy transforming "fast fashion" into "couch couture" - comfortable delightful garments that can be worn over pajamas or to the fiber art festival. 

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Meet the Artist, Ashley Martineau

Welcome to my online shop! I have been spinning yarn for over 20 years and am inspired by texture. I've written a book Spinning and Dyeing Yarn and published a online masterclass series at, designed multiple spinning wheels with the SpinOlution company, and written articles for PLY and TinyStudio magazine.

This shop is a labor of love, I love sourcing rare and zero-waste fibers to dye and blend inspirational textures to take your fiber art to the next aesthetic level.


    In this free beginner-friendly YouTube masterclass series, Ashley gently teaches 20 traditional and creative methods for spinning a single-ply yarn.

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    Continue your free spinning education with Ashley and learn how to ply 20 different textures using the methods she taught in my single-ply masterclass.

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    Ashley's third masterclass series gently and thoroughly teaches how to spin 20 different corespinning methods using creative and traditional core threads.

    Watch Playlist 

    Learn how to spin art yarn on a drop spindle with Ashley and Sarah as they demonstrate 20 different traditional and modern methods for creating textured yarn using this ancient tool.

    Watch SPINDLING Playlist 

    Looking for color inspiration? Join Ashley to watch this free series of fiber prep videos on how to use your drum carder to create 20 different landscapes to spin into nature inspired yarns.

    CARDING LANDSCAPES Masterclass Playlist 

    20 inspirational videos for how to use a vibe, mood, or aesthetic to card an art batt inspired by that idea. This series is perfect for fiber artists wanting to experiment with more challenging color ideas.

    CARDING MOODS Masterclass Playlist 
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