About Ashley Martineau

Hi, my name is Ashley. I'm a published author and spinning educator who is passionate about spinning yarn as art and creative play. 

My goal is to inspire the next generation of spinners and those who cannot afford or do not have access to in-person lessons in their area. Since releasing this series to the community in 2018, it has been viewed over a million times by spinners worldwide.

My hope is to keep this ancient craft alive by making it easily accessible to all ages and abilities. 

My role as a teacher is to provide an informative space for students can enjoy the process of making, feel relaxed while learning, and discover their own aesthetic point of view.

I hope you find this series helpful, despite my technical imperfections. I recorded this series in my home studio using the technology I had at the time, with my intuitive learning and teaching style focused toward beginners who were open to experimentation and play in their spinning journey. I kept all my own learning curves and mistakes unedited in this series to help show that spinning yarn takes practice and time, and unexpected beauty or method surprises can be found at every step of the journey.

My philosophy is:

  • Make what you enjoy in the time you have today.
  • Find & grow your natural talents and skill set.
  • Inspire yourself creatively with truth and meaning.
  • Let go of the desire to control or posses what belongs to the whole.
  • Don't try to be someone else, be grateful for who you are.

Grace & Peace

- Ashley