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SALE:RARE Kapok Nepps - Peach Sugar 1 oz

SALE:RARE Kapok Nepps - Peach Sugar 1 oz

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Neauveau exclusive texture and colorway. It took a lot of effort to process this wax coated plant fiber to take dye and turn into cardable nepps. This texture and colorway is exclusive to my shop and there are only a handful of ounces available until it's sold out. I will be processing more Kapok but in different colorways each time. One ounce of this fiber fills a 6x9 bag and is enough to generously embellish over 30 art batts based on the amount of nepps (a very large pinch) I find aesthetically pleasing. Use more or less according to your preferences. 

This fiber is UV sensitive. It will change color when exposed to prolonged sunlight. This is a characteristic of this unique fiber and is aesthetic wabi sabi. 

About Kapok:

Kapok fiber is the seed pod fluff of a rain forest tree called the Ceiba tree or the silk cotton tree. The pods are harvested in the East and the trees are left standing. The fluff is actually buoyant; it was used in the designs for the first life jackets. Its feel is similar to the light weight feeling of feather down, but without the allergies and the loss of loft. The silk is luxurious to the touch.

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