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HUMMINGBIRD MIX - Bamboo Nubs Texture - 1 oz

HUMMINGBIRD MIX - Bamboo Nubs Texture - 1 oz

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This soft pastel rainbow is made out of shredded bamboo nubs, a texture that's exclusive to my shop! There are 10 different colors of bamboo in this texture and it can be used in a sky as a rainbow or a ground as wildflowers. It feels like silk and creates a pretty heathered tweed effect.

Simply add this texture to white wool on your drum carder or blending board, or use dyed wool for a saturated scene, or dark neutral wool for a moody blend. 

This blend includes:

  • BAMBOO NUBS. These nubs, when carded, will create a chunky tweed texture like clouds in the sky.

CREATE A LANDSCAPE: Choose a ground, a sky, and a flower or forest to card up a few densely textured batts, or many finely textured batts to create a bigger project.  This texture is also great for felting or fiber painting. 

HOW TO USE: I have an extensive library of carding and spinning videos all available for free on YouTube. My channel is @neauveau and can be accessed at (no www).

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