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BOUDICCA - Rescued Fiber Thread Texture Blend 2 oz

BOUDICCA - Rescued Fiber Thread Texture Blend 2 oz

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I named each colorway in this collection after a famous "Damsel in Distress" because these yarns were rescued from the dragon of textile industry waste and repurposed into a modern thread texture blend to live happily ever after in a fiber artist studio. 

I love carding recycled textiles into art batts for spinning into yarns, it's a great way to create mindfully by reducing textile waste and incorporating it into quality art.

This blend is mostly high quality novelty synthetic. Synthetic yarn is moth-resistent and machine washable. 

I washed this yarn in unicorn power scour and fiber rinse so it is squeaky clean. This is a limited run colorway and when it's gone it's gone! 

The sample batt and yarn in these photos is made with 20% texture, 80% dyed wool roving. Carded once and spun thick and thin then plied with purple mohairThe yarn is not included in this listing. 

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