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BIRCH GROVE - Eucalyptus Crimp Wool Fiber Art Cloud Texture Forest - 2 oz

BIRCH GROVE - Eucalyptus Crimp Wool Fiber Art Cloud Texture Forest - 2 oz

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Create a birch or aspen bark inspired art batt or forest landscape with this texture kit! Simply add this texture to white wool on your drum carder or blending board. To create a aspen forest landscape with this texture, add a sky and a ground and some yellow cotton nepps from my shop!

This blend includes:

  • EUCALYPTUS. This shiny crimpy texture reminds me of BFL lamb and mohair with a clean cellulose handle and creates a dewy shimmer when blended with white wool. Perfect for branches and bark!
  • ESCHER THREAD BLEND. A recycled thread blend from my shop that includes threads of silk, linen, cotton, wool, sparkle and mohair for grey tones and striping and shadows. 
  • WOOL NEPPS. This bumpy texture is matte black and charcoal grey and looks like the knots and patterns on the bark.
  • WOOL THREAD CLOUD. Dyed black, these dark threads create texture that looks like a close up of the bark striping.
  • COTTON NEPPS. Natural, undyed white. 

CREATE A LANDSCAPE: Choose a ground, a sky, and a flower to card up a few densely textured batts, or many finely textured batts to create a bigger project.  This texture is also great for felting or fiber painting. 

HOW TO USE: I have an extensive library of carding and spinning videos all available for free on YouTube. My channel is @neauveau and can be accessed at (no www).

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