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TWELFTH NIGHT - Alpaca Cotton Bamboo Sparkle Fiber Art Cloud Blend - 4 oz

TWELFTH NIGHT - Alpaca Cotton Bamboo Sparkle Fiber Art Cloud Blend - 4 oz

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An extra chunky blend of cardable fibers for creating art batts, rolags, or other blends to spin into yarn for knitting, weaving, and crochet. One pinch goes a long way!

In this handcrafted blend you'll find:

  • ALPACA: Locally grown and natural colored. All of my Shakespeare inspired blends have a 40-60% base of naturally soft pillowy alpaca. 
  • WOOL: Locks, Fibers, Roving Bits, Threads
  • COTTON: hand dyed cotton nepps
  • ANGELINA: a generous amount of sparkle
  • RECYCLED: novelty ribbons and recycled threads

A tiny amount of vm may be present in some of the alpaca locks, which will fall out when carding. Every bag has subtle differences due to the nature of the dyeing and blending process of these fibers.

I have run this fiber thru a wool picker to blend it into "wool cloud" which can be spun as a deconstructed art batt. Spin this into yarn right from the bag, or use it to embellish multiple batts and yarns.

Photos in this listing include the process of making an art batt with this texture and the final handspun yarn. My sample batt and yarn used 25% texture and 75% wool top plied with novelty thread.

HOW TO USE: I have an extensive library of carding and spinning videos all available for free on YouTube. My channel is @neauveau and can be accessed at (no www).

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