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Plying and Weaving Textured Yarn Bobbins (Lot 26)

Plying and Weaving Textured Yarn Bobbins (Lot 26)

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I've generously filled reusable 8 inch bobbins (compatible with SAORI brand large and standard size boat shuttles) with natural fiber yarn textures to create a one of a kind assortment for weaving and spinning! Reuse these bobbins, they are compatible with the saori onboard bobbin winder.


Each pack of these bobbins is a one of a kind collection. Most are wool based, many are cotton based, and some are silk based. Some are handspun. None are acrylic, everything in each pack is brand name quality. There may be a knot or two in each pack, but not many.


  • Use the bobbin in your boat shuttle. I was generous with several bobbins in each pack, so you may weave some yardage before it will spin freely.
  • If the bobbin is too big for your boat shuttle, you can use the bobbin itself as a shuttle! Or wind the yarn from off the bobbin into a bobbin compatible with your preferred boat shuttle.
  • If the empty bobbin is too big for your boat shuttle, you can cut it down to size with scissors and reuse with a bobbin winder.


  • Place the bobbin on a lazy Kate and use for auto wrapping, plying, or corespinning!


  • Use the bobbin by placing it on a lazy Kate (or in a box) to unwind when direct warping your rigid heddle loom to create accent stripes in your warp! Yarn that is leftover can be used as weft.

Note: the last pictures on this listing is an example of how a full bobbin fits into a large and standard saori boat shuttle, what the empty bobbins look like, and in use with an Ashford Sample it Loom. The bobbin(s) in these example photos are not included in this listing.


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