SPINDLING Method 11 - simplified

SPINDLING Method 11 - simplified

It's time to start plying with our drop spindled yarns! Methods 1-10 are for spinning a single-ply yarn on a drop spindle, and methods 11-20 are for plying yarns on a drop spindle. In this introductory method we will be plying two yarns together to create a traditional 2-ply.

This is where I recommend many of my younger students start, as it can be easier to learn the mechanics of using a drop spindle when plying yarns than when spinning yarns - due to the lack of drafting required. When teaching drop spindling, I begin with plying a 2-ply yarn and then when the student(s) have mastered that skill we move into drafting. That way they know how to use and work the spindle before they learn how to draft. 

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