JOSEPHINE art yarn cowl (Free Knitting Pattern)

JOSEPHINE art yarn cowl (Free Knitting Pattern)

Tools Required:

  • Size 15 straight needles
  • Large Crochet Hook (for seaming together, whatever hook is appropriate to the thinner handspun)

Yarns Needed:

  • Yarn A: 50-60 Yards of chunky handspun yarn.  I used a 2-ply yarn in a chunky weight handspun by Sayra Adams of Atomic Blue.  
  • Yarn B: 15-20 Yards of bulky art yarn.  I used yarn by Amber Churchill of Designs by Amber ( but you can substitute any art yarn that has a 1-2 WPI and 1-1.5 sts/inch.  

Tutorial Note:

SES = Knit a Simple Elongated Stitch.  A Simple Elongated Stitch is a knit stitch with a wrap of yarn around it to make it loose and drapey (similar to a double crochet).  Put your needle thru a stitch (as if you were to knit). Take the yarn and wrap it around both needles, then wrap it between the stitch to continue knitting.  Bring the needle down and under to finish the knit stitch and carry the loop to the right needle. For more instruction on this stitch, see my YouTube video:


  • Cast on 19 stitches (8 inches wide) with Yarn A
  • Knit in garter stitch for 18 inches
  • Pick up Yarn B
  • { K1, K2tog} This will maintain the 8-inch width of the cowl (adjust according to your yarn so that your cowl isn't puckering or stretching too wide at this point, you want to maintain that 8-inch width.  You may want to make an extra K2tog if your yarn is very bulky, or fewer K2togs if your yarn isn't as bulky. Keep in mind how many decreases you make  so you can add the same number of increases later)
  • SES Until you are out of Yarn B (about 5-7 inches)
  • Pick up Yarn A and { K1, KFB } to the end of the row (Remember when we K2tog?  If you only made 4 decreases, make 4 increases evenly spaced across the row.  If you made 7 decreases, make 7 increases, etc. You should have 19 stitches on your needles after adding your increases.)
  • Knit for one row
  • Knit 12 stitches, Drop a stitch, Knit to end.
  • Knit for one row.
  • Bind off loosely
  • Bring the dropped stitch all the way to the end of the cowl.
  • Turn the cowl inside-out and use the crochet hook to crochet chain seam across the ends of the cowl, seaming it together.

The SES stitches of Yarn B will create dramatic loops that hang down where the dropped stitch row runs.

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