FLUID Hat (Free Handspun Knitting Pattern)

FLUID Hat (Free Handspun Knitting Pattern)

Sometimes you feel like wearing a super textured hat. Sometimes you don't. I knit this hat using the video method below (Knitting with Texture) to push all my art yarn texture to the "inside" of the hat - leaving the "outside" plain - resulting in a reversible hat. Inside-Out is super textured, and Outside-In is less textured.


  • 80-100 yards of Bulky Art Yarn (I used 4 different remnant yarns from my stash)
  • Size 15 16-inch circular knitting needles, or set of Size 15 8 inch DP needles (this piece is knit in the round)


Cast on 20 inches of stitches (for my bulky yarn this was about 27 stitches - your number of stitches may vary)

Knit in the round and switch from one texture of yarn to another (if you're using multiple skeins like I did)

Use the "Knitting With Texture" technique video below to push all the yarn texture to the "inside" of the hat.

Continue knitting in the round until the piece measures 8 inches tall

DECREASE Rounds: K3, K2tog*  continue decreasing until you have 7 stitches left on your needle. Switch to DPN if necessary.

Pull the yarn tail through all remaining 7 loops on your needle and pull tightly. Tie in a tight knot on the textured side of the hat.

Weave in the ends.

Block with Unicorn Fibre Rinse.  Gently pat dry, reshape and dry flat. 

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