MONOGRAM Wall Decor (Free Handspun Project)

MONOGRAM Wall Decor (Free Handspun Project)

This was a very simple art yarn project that requires no knitting or crochet experience!  While perusing the craft store for inspiration I found this particleboard letter A in the clearance section for $2. I thought it would be pretty wrapped with handspun art yarn and displayed in my studio.

This is also a great idea for yarn shops and vendors. Wrap the letters Y-A-R-N with handspun yarn to display in your shop or booth. 


  • 30-50 yards of Bulky Handspun Art Yarn (you may need more or less depending on the size & design of the letter you are wrapping)
  • Alphabet letter from the craft store for wrapping. 


I made a slipknot at the top of my wreath to start and then wrapped and wrapped the yarn around the particleboard, covering all the gaps so that it looked dense. I tucked the end under the wrapping to secure. Hang and Enjoy!

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