OPHELIA Scarf (Free Handspun Crochet Pattern)

OPHELIA Scarf (Free Handspun Crochet Pattern)

This scarf is an amazing way to loosely display handspun texture and can be completed in less than 10 minutes. All you need is to know how to make a crochet chain with your hands. Try using multiple strands of art yarn, or commercial yarn, into a gorgeous scarf that can also be pinned and worn as a cowl. For thinner yarns, try finger crochet for a tighter, smaller braid. 


  • 30 yards of textured handspun art yarn (yarn A)
  • 30 yards of commercial yarn (yarn B) - I used Loops and Threads Woolette in Ivory (Superbulky, boucle.  Discontinued).
  • More yarns or threads, if you want a thicker or more textured braid


Holding the ends of yarn A & yarn B together, make a slipknot.

Crochet a loose chain using your hands. Each loop of the chain should be large enough for your fist to fit through.

Continue crocheting a chain until you reach the end of the yarns. Pull the ends through the last loop to secure.

Chain the chain. Make a slipknot from the large chain of yarn you made, and crochet it with your hands into large loops until you reach the end. 

Optional: Use the remaining commercial yarn ball to make into tassels for the ends of your braid scarf.

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