FEATHERPLUCKER Cowl (Free Handspun Knitting Pattern)

FEATHERPLUCKER Cowl (Free Handspun Knitting Pattern)

This is a great 20-30 minute scarf for featuring handspun art yarn. Add as many different yarns as you like in all different colors. For this yarn I used a bulky handspun yarn spun from local natural wool locks, a thinner yarn plied with chicken feathers, and a commercial yarn by Loops & Threads called Woolette in the color Gold (Yarn is discontinued; use a bulky/super bulky with texture for a similar look). Below is a video if you've never arm knit before to teach you how to make this scarf stitch by stitch. 


  • 30 Yards of Bulky Handspun Art Yarn (Yarn A)
  • 30 Yards of Handspun Feathered Art Yarn (Yarn B)
  • 30 Yards of Commercial Boucle' Yarn (Yarn C)


Cast on between 7 - 12 stitches (I cast on 9)

Arm knit until you run out of Yarn A & B (waste not!)

Bind off with Yarn C

Cut Yarn C leaving a 18 inch long tail.

Seam the edges together with the tail of Yarn C, but only seam up halfway, leaving half of the rectangle to hang open for extra drape and shaping. 

Wear & Enjoy!

Don't know how to arm knit? Click Here to watch a video tutorial!

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