TASSEL Blanket (Free Handspun Knitting Pattern)

TASSEL Blanket (Free Handspun Knitting Pattern)

This is a easy blanket pattern you can complete in an afternoon. This pattern can be customized to any square size. Since you are knitting it from corner to corner (on the bias), it will always turn out square regardless of the size. I've attempted to knit several bulky art yarn blankets from top to bottom, and always end up with an awkward rectangle because I cast on too many or too few stitches and then run out of yarn. Knitting from corner to corner works best for me.  Knitting on the bias works great, and it adds a design element too!


  • 200-250 yards of Commercial Bulky Yarn
  • 200-250 yards of Bulky Handspun Art Yarn
  • Size 35 Circular Needles, 32-40 inches long (blanket will be knit flat)
  • 80 yards of Yarn for Corner Tassels (optional)


The pattern is below, but to create the striped / textured effect on your blanket simply rotate through your stash of handspun & commercial yarns while you knit, creating stripes of colors and textures. Knit big stripes or little stripes. Whatever looks beautiful to you. I did not include my exact stripe pattern (how many rows with yarn A, how many rows with yarn B) because my yardage of each skein will be different than yours. 


  • Cast on two stitches
  • K1, YO, K1 (now there will be 3 stitches on your needle)
  • Row 3: K1, YO, Knit to End (now there will be 4 stitches on your needle
  • Row 4+: Knit 1, Yarn Over, Knit to End until your blanket is as wide as the widest point of the square that you desire (my widest point was 5 feet because I wanted a throw-style blanket)
  • Across the widest row of your blanket (before beginning decreases to complete the square) Knit 1 row of Simple Elongated Stitch 

Now start decreasing to make a square.

  • K1, K2TOG, K to end
  • Repeat the above until there are 5 stitches on your needles
  • Knit 2, Drop stitch, Knit Two (this center dropped stitch will create the loose dropped stitch row from corner to corner of your blanket). Gently unravel the stitch. 
  • K1, K2TOG, K to end
  • When you have two stitches on your needle, bind off.

Create Tassels for the corners of your blanket by following the video tutorial below and attach to each corner of your blanket. My tassels are 8 inches long and I used about 20 yards of chunky weight handspun yarn for them. 

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