BUNTING BANNER made from art yarn (Free Knitting Pattern)

BUNTING BANNER made from art yarn (Free Knitting Pattern)

This bunting pattern is a fun way to use up those bits and pieces of art yarn leftover from your other projects.  You can adjust the size of this bunting by making any number of flags and make larger flags by casting on more stitches (and smaller flags by casting on fewer stitches).  It's a very flexible pattern that you can adjust to hang from a window in a doll house to the largest tree in your backyard.

This bunting banner is a reusable eco-friendly way to decorate your baby's room (make a flag for each letter of baby's name!), or your child's bedroom to look like an Alice in Wonderland tea party.  Use it for an outdoor garden wedding with blue mason jars and freshly picked wildflowers.  Or just hang it in your home or craft studio because it makes you happy.

You Will Need:
- Size 15 needles
- Yarn
- Crochet Hook
- Recycled Sari Ribbon (or alternative, see pattern below)

Here is the pattern:
- Cast on 17 stitches on size 15 needles.
- Knit the first row using a simple elongated stitch.
- On the second row { knit the first stitch using a simple elongated stitch, knit the next two stitches together, then knit the remaining stitches using a simple elongated stitch across the rest of the row. }  At the end you will have 16 stitches left on your needles.
- Keep repeating the pattern above between { and } until you have one stitch left on your needle.  Then cut the yarn, loop it thru the last stitch on your needle and weave in the ends.
When all your triangle flags have been made, use a crochet hook and some recycled sari silk (or any ribbon, twine, lace, fabric, art yarn that is long enough and strong enough to hold the weight of your banner) and crochet a chain along the top of the triangle.  I didn't crochet my chain into every stitch because my sari silk ribbon was so much bulkier.  I used my best judgment when crocheting to not stretch the triangle too much along the top.
Bring the ball of sari silk thru the last crochet chain on your first triangle to bind it off.  Make another slip-knot 4 inches down on the sari silk and use that slip knot to begin to crochet another chain across the top of your second triangle.  
If these written directions don't make sense, I made a short video on how I attached the ribbon as the top of the bunting.
 After you have crocheted along the tops of all your flags, cut the end of the sari silk.  I left 2 feet of ribbon on either end of my bunting.  You can add more or less, depending on the number of flags your bunting has and how far you need it to stretch across the room/area you will be hanging it from.
Where would you hang a bunting banner made from art yarn?
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