10-Yard Projects for Handspun (FAQ)

10-Yard Projects for Handspun (FAQ)

One of the questions I get asked the most is, "What can you do with such a small skein of art yarn?"  With many spinners now learning how to spin art yarns on their traditional wheels (with small bobbins that can only hold 20-45 yards) this does pose a problem for those of us who like to make something more substantial than a scarflet every time.

My solution? Take the art yarn to your LYS and make some friends! Below is a ball of yarn that I spun.  I walked it around my LYS store to find some friends for it and get an idea of what type of project to make with it. 

Now take your yarns and use one of my freeform knitting patterns available on Ravelry or thisyarn.com! 

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