PLY Magazine LEICESTER Issue (Press)

PLY Magazine LEICESTER Issue (Press)

There’s a lifetime of spinning in Leicester.  Our Spring 2015 issue focuses on the 3 main Leicester wools: Bluefaced, Border, and Longwool.  Brimming with history, fiber studies, breed comparisons, spinning techniques, finishing tactics, and some fabulous projects, this issue will leave you satisfied and eager to sit and spin. If you want to tailspin a yarn that looks like it’s still on the sheep or spin some Longwool for weaving, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve wondered how the 3 breeds stack up next to each other or  how to finish this amazing fiber, this issue can help. If you’d like to spin Leicester for softness or to know if you should use BFL or Merino, you’ll find help on our pages. Also, a “who’s that spinner?” that should be called “who’s that shepherd?” and a closer look at our 3 fibers under a scope. Of course Lazy Kate is there to make you laugh and Ergo Neo will help keep you pain -free.

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