My Favorite Tools & Resources (FAQ)

My Favorite Tools & Resources (FAQ)

My favorite beginner spinning wheel is: SpinOlution Firefly 16 oz or SpinOlution Echo 16 oz

My favorite intermediate spinning wheel is: SpinOlution Firefly 32 oz or 64 oz

My favorite drum carder is a Louet Classic.

My favorite drop spindle is the Classy Spindle by Classy Squid Fiber Company.

My favorite wool breeds are usually: Icelandic & Leicester

My favorite fiber prep is: spinning raw or washed fleece

My favorite place to buy thread is: at a thrift store, ETSY, or eBay

My favorite plying thread is: cotton crochet thread

My favorite corespinning thread is: mohair/nylon commercial thread

My favorite colors are: whatever the sheep is

My favorite fiber festival is: New England Fiber Festival (best raw wool fleece selection, at fair market prices compared to other festivals)

My favorite purpose of my yarn is: in weavings

My favorite rigid heddle loom is: Ashford Sample It

My favorite floor loom is: SAORI 

My favorite color warp is: black

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