Wheels Designed for Art Yarns (FAQ)

Here is a list of spinning wheel makes & models that have bobbins and orifices ideal for spinning freeform art yarn. I find a 16 oz+ bobbin and open or large (1"+) closed orifice to be ideal.

Please email me if there is a spinning wheel that meets this criteria that I should add to this list. 


  • Firefly - 16 oz, 32 oz, or 64 oz with open orifice
  • Monarch - 16 oz, 32 oz, or 64 oz with open orifice
  • Echo - 16 oz or 32 oz with open orifice
  • Hopper - 16 oz or 32 oz with open orifice
  • Bullfrog - 16 oz with open orifice



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