GARLAND Crochet Light Fixtures (Free Handspun Project)

GARLAND Crochet Light Fixtures (Free Handspun Project)

One of my favorite things about winter is decorating my home with tiny lights. I love the cozy ambiance they create. But I'm not a fan of all the wires. So I thought - why not crochet over the wire of my twinkle lights? And here's the result - I love it!

For this project I used 20 yards of bulky art yarn and an appropriate crochet hook. Your yardage will vary based on the length of lights you're crocheting over. I recommend battery operated LED lights because they don't get hot and can be displayed away from an outlet.

You could crochet over the wires of your Christmas tree lights and make a homespun inspired garland. Or crochet over lights and wrap it around a grapevine wreath for your front door. The possibilities are endless.  


  • Battery Operated LED Lights
  • Handspun Yarn 
  • Crochet Hook


To cover the wire I found it helpful to do a yarn over on my hook, put it under the wire, pull up a loop over the wire (creating three loops) and pull the third loop thru the two other loops. Then with one loop on my hook, I'd yarn over (2nd loop) and put my hook under the wire, bring up a loop (3rd loop) and bring the 3rd loop thru the 2nd and 1st loops (leaving just one loop) and continue.

If you do lots and lots of crochet on your wire you end up with a thick ruffle effect. Enjoy!

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