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LADY OF SHALLOT - Recycled Wool Bamboo Cotton Sparkle Eucalyptus Fiber Art Texture Blend - 2 oz

LADY OF SHALLOT - Recycled Wool Bamboo Cotton Sparkle Eucalyptus Fiber Art Texture Blend - 2 oz

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An extra chunky blend of cardable fibers for creating art batts, rolags, or other blends to spin into yarn for knitting, weaving, and crochet. One pinch goes a long way!

In this handcrafted blend you'll find:

  • DYED RECYCLED WOOL THREAD. This texture is made from medium wool yarn that has been cut and picked back into an untwisted wool product. I dyed it and used it for the base (about 50%) of this texture as a whole.
  • DRYSDALE MALLOWS. Dyed Marshmallows of rare Drysdale Wool
  • EUCALYPTUS CRIMP: a shiny luxe crisp white texture that is like baby bfl wool with a bamboo feel. It cards up like mohair and creates a fuzzy halo in yarn. 
  • BAMBOO: lustrous locks of extra shiny fine rayon noil that feels like silk! This fiber stays cool when worn next to the skin, and is one of my favorites. 
  • WOOL NEPPS: Dyed tiny balls of recycled wool that love to be blended with mohair or other longwool fibers. Wool Nepps create a bumpy polka dot texture like tiny gumballs.
  • RECYCLED THREADS. These commercial threads are shorter inches long and fun to spin into yarn to create a tweedy vintage aesthetic. 
  • COTTON NEPPS: Dyed flecks of recycled cotton that are happy to be blended with anything and create a soft polka dot texture like an impressionistic painting. 
  • SPARKLE: A bit of angelina sparkle for an extra dimension of glitz! 

HOW TO USE: I have an extensive library of carding and spinning videos all available for free on YouTube. My channel is @neauveau and can be accessed at (no www).

Each bag is subtly different due to the size of the texture and nuance in the dyed bits. 

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