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Build-A-Sheep Solmate Sock Puppet Kit - Hygge Sheep

Build-A-Sheep Solmate Sock Puppet Kit - Hygge Sheep

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Use coupon code PLAYDATE when ordering 12 or more of these kits to get them for $5/each. Perfect for birthdays, schools, 4h, churches, and homeschool groups!

I received a huge box of imperfect solmate brand socks in a fiber artist liquidation lot that I purchased. These socks are usually cut into loopers to weave potholders and rugs. Rather than cutting them all up, I flipped them into simple low-sew kid-friendly sock puppet kits. 

Each Kit Includes:

  • One (New) Cotton Sock Body
  • Two Black Eyes with Washers
  • Two Wooden Ears
  • Recycled Wool Ribbon Hair (colors vary)
  • Recycled Wool Selvage Fleece (grey or white)
  • Yarn Scrap Mouth (red)
  • Ribbon (colors vary)
  • One Plastic Needle
  • Embroidery Thread (colors vary)
  • Bellwether Bell (gold or silver)
  • Instructions

Each Kit does not include:

  • Scissors
  • Hot glue (optional)


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