SOHO MITTS arm warmers (Free Knitting Pattern)

SOHO MITTS arm warmers (Free Knitting Pattern)

Tools Required:

- Size 15 double pointed knitting needles

Yarns Needed:

30-35 Yards of bulky handspun yarn. I used a corespun yarn by Leslie of Spinning Spinderella, but you can substitute any yarn that is about 2-3 WPI and about 2 stitches x 1 row per inch.


Cast on 10 stitches (8 inch diameter for bulky yarn, if you're using finer yarn cast on 7 inches of stitches for a better fit)

  • Knit in garter stitch for 20 rows ( 9 inches)
  • Drop a stitch
  • Knit in the round for 4 more rows (2 inches)
  • Turn and purl in the opposite direction (to create the thumbhole)
  • Turn and knit along the row (don't join in the round)
  • Turn and purl the row
  • Turn and knit the row, and join back in the round
  • Knit for 4 more rows (2 inches)
  • Bind off loosely
  • Bring the dropped stitch down to the bottom of your mitt.

Finished dimensions are about 15 inches long and about 4 inches along the top edge and 5 inches along the base.

If you are using a different gauge of art yarn, cast on 8 inches of stitches (or whatever best fits your arm/wrist), knit for 9 inches, drop a stitch, knit for 2 inches { turn and purl, turn and knit } for several rows until you have a thumbhole that is a comfortable size for you, when your thumb fits in the gap comfortably, turn and knit and re-join in the round for 2 more inches of knitting and bind off loosely.
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