HANGING HEARTS display (Free Handspun Project)

HANGING HEARTS display (Free Handspun Project)



  1. A clip hanger
  2. A small amount (under 2 yards) of handspun yarn
  3. Large clay or glass beads. 


To make the mobile as displayed I cut the yarn into lengths and tied the "top" of the yarns into knots. Then I stuck these knots above the hanger so, when the hanger was "clipped" to the yarn, the knots would keep the yarn even more stable. 

Then I knotted handmade clay hearts that I made at the base of the handspun yarns. You could knot beads or feathers. Or you can just leave the yarn plain as a fringe. 

I assembled the display and it made a sweet decoration for my baby's nursery. 

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