BOBBIN Decor (Free Handspun Project)

BOBBIN Decor (Free Handspun Project)

Here is a cool "old meets new" idea for you to display your art yarn while giving a nod to the history of the fiber industry. 

Scour your local antique shop, thrift store, or flea market for old bobbins of any size. Sewing bobbins, old spools, etc. Then take your favorite yarns and wrap them around the old bobbins. For this antique bobbin I used a skein of handspun yarn by Storybook Fibers that I love. It has vintage flowers from a hat spun into it and was featured in my book Spinning and Dyeing Yarn.

I only had a few yards of the Storybook Fibers yarn, so I used commercial yarn to bulk up the bobbin before carefully wrapping the Handspun yarn around it to hide the commercial yarns. The end result looks so pretty and I love that I'm celebrating something old with something new. 

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