(RB14 7.5 oz) RARE WOOL Rainbow Churro 5-Strand Roving Sliver Braid

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Navajo Churro is one of the breeds of rare wools on the Livestock Conservancy list and the Shave em to Save em program. This churro is grown and processed in the USA. Churro is a heritage breed of sheep with genetics that can be traced back thousands of years. It is likely that your ancestors spun yarn from wool just like this!

This braid is made from 5 stands of hand-dyed churro sliver. Separate the strands easily to spin a long ombre color yarn, or make self striping shorter color breaks by pulling the sliver into 6 or 12 inch segments to spin into a repeating pattern. Or spin 5 mini skeins for a knitting, crochet, or weaving project. I love using this wool as-is in my saori loom weavings.

WHAT IS SLIVER? Wool sliver is a thinner version of wool roving. It is a perfect prep for beginners and expert spinners alike. 

Approx. 25% is 23 micron and finer and 25% is 35 micron and coarser and the rest is somewhere in between. This range creates a flaxen effect where the wool looks like it's been blended with flax. It's gorgeous, primitive, sturdy, and delightful to work with. 


  • spinning into traditional yarn
  • spinning into art yarn
  • weaving (especially tapestry!)
  • felting and fiber art
  • extra bulky knitting and crochet (add a bit of twist by hand)