Mixed Media Art Batt (valentina) 2.7 oz

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Locally sourced USA wools dyed by me and hand blended with my favorite textures: silk, linen, cotton, locks, sparkle, and now mixed media!

I'm excited for you to try this new (messy!) fiber prep! I recommend spinning outside or in an area where you don't mind some glitter happening! 

Directions for spinning mixed media (mm) art batts:

  • Open batt gently. The mm will begin to fall out as you open it. This is normal. I've included extra mm in each batt to make up for the mm that falls out.
  • If you have batt adhesive, gently unroll the batt (mm side up) and spray lightly with adhesive to resecure the mm so less will fall out while spinning. Wait 1 minute for adhesive to dry before spinning. 
  • Fold batt in half lengthwise to encapsulate the mm within the fiber. This will help prevent most of the mm from falling out as you are spinning.
  • Corespinning or coreless corespinning is recommended to enclose the mm within the twist of the fiber. This takes practice and much of the mm will become deeply embedded in the yarn. 
  • Based on my results, up to 80% of the mm stays in the yarn with about 30-60% of it showing on the outside of the twist. Much of it gets spun into the yarn and is not seen from the outside. It takes skill to corespin mixed media yarns without everything falling out, so be proud of yourself for trying something new! 
  • Wear an apron to collect mm that falls out when spinning and reattach to yarn by spraying yarn with adhesive and sprinkling mm onto sprayed areas. 
  • Ply with thread to soft set, if desired.
  • Do not soak. 

Mixed media yarns are intended to be used for non-wearables.