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CLEARANCE: Rare Drysdale Roving Collection - 16 oz

CLEARANCE: Rare Drysdale Roving Collection - 16 oz

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There is only one registered flock of Drysdale sheep in the world. This wool was grown in Australia and processed in the USA. This is likely the last commercially processed Drysdale in the world. The staple length is shorter than churro. 

Included in this one pound bag is a philosophical symposium of braids:

  • 4 oz EMERSON colorway (natural, gold, steel)
  • 4 oz THOREAU colorway (natural, gold, emerald)
  • 4 oz EMERSON colorway (natural, emerald, steel)
  • 4 oz ALCOTT braid (natural, ruby, steel)

"In recent years the number of Drysdales being farmed in New Zealand has dropped dramatically through lack of demand for their fleece. In 2006 there were only two breeders registered with the New Zealand Sheepbreeders’ Association, and by 2010 the breed was no longer included in the flock book – any remaining breeders were switching to more commercially viable breeds. In Australia, too, the number dropped to 38 recorded breeding ewes by 2013."

"The wool also spins beautifully, sought by hand spinners. The wool is believed to be the strongest of all sheep, and wears extra well, giving a lot of service - ideal for army berets, blankets, and emergency blankets and strong felt products such as for refugee camps, and adventuring products for mountaineers and Antarctic scientists.

A delightful breed, useful, good-looking and friendly!"

WHAT IS SLIVER? Wool sliver is a thinner version of wool roving. It is a perfect prep for beginners and expert spinners alike. 


  • carding into art batts
  • spinning into traditional yarn
  • spinning into art yarn
  • weaving (especially tapestry!)
  • felting and fiber art
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