Art Batt Adhesive for Mixed Media carding

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One ounce total of confetti ribbons, paper crinkles, and confetti bits for carding into art batts or paper making.

Directions for making mixed media art batts:

  • Card a batt on your drum carder and remove from carder. 
  • Unroll batt and lay flat on a clean surface.
  • Spray top side of batt lightly with batt adhesive.
  • Sprinkle mixed media onto batt. Use as much or little as you prefer. Based on my aesthetic preferences, 1 oz will embellish 3-6 batts. 
  • Wait for adhesive to dry (about 45 seconds).
  • Fold batt in half lengthwise to encapsulate the mixed media within the fiber, and corespin or coreless corespun to enclose the media within the fiber.
  • Collect mixed media that falls out when spinning and reattach to yarn by spraying yarn with adhesive and sprinkling mixed media onto sprayed areas.
  • Ply with thread to soft set, if desired.
  • Do not soak. 

Mixed media yarns are intended to be used for non-wearables.