Carrying the Guinness Book of World Records Largest Skein of Handspun Yarn to the Pluckyfluff Studio (photo by Esther Rodgers / Jazzturtle Creations)

I am including a page of "historical documents" since Lexi Boeger's website ( became inactive in late 2018 - and I want this generation of spinners to see the "Woodstock" of art yarn spinning as it was in the 2000's.

Lexi Boeger is the spinner who inspired me, and now I am blessed to inspire others. She started spinning in 1999 and I started spinning in 2003. We and many others were the fiber art pioneers on the internet, years before ETSY was launched.

Cement Mixer Powered Spindle by Lexi Boeger


Winding the Largest Skein of Handspun Yarn in the World (2010)

 Yarnival Documentary Music Video (2012)

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Camp Pluckyfluff Workshops


SpinArtiste Secret Stash Games

One fun game we played was coordinated by Arlene Thayer of Spin Artiste. Spinners would enroll and receive a bag of fiber and embellishments that they would use to make a project. Then the community would vote on their favorite finished project. My favorite projects included old dolls. Here is a video of my creative journey thru one of these 

Read more about the Secret Stash rounds and see the projects and winners here.

Other Historical Documents


More historical documents coming soon.