POM POM Wreath (Free Handspun Project)

POM POM Wreath (Free Handspun Project)

I've seen several variations of this idea on Pinterest, and thought it would be a beautiful way to use up art yarn odds and ends from my stash. Below is a video on how to make a pompom with your hands. 


  • 12 inch wire wreath frame from the craft store (I found mine in the dried floral section)
  • Odds and Ends of Commercial Yarn for making traditional-style pom poms
  • Odds and Ends of Handspun Art Yarn for making textured pom poms 


I started out by making all my art yarn scraps into pompoms. Some scraps I combined with a commercial yarn (wrapping the strand of handspun and commercial at the same time) for a fluffier or more substantial pompom. Try making balls in different sizes and densities. I laid the balls on my wreath frame to get an idea of what I needed to make to achieve the full / dense look that I was going for. I recommend having some commercial yarns for this project because you'll probably need more yarn than you realize and the commercial yarn will help you not use up too much handspun yardage. 

Using the tails from the pompoms I tied them to the wire wreath and once they were all attached to the wreath I also tied the ends of the pompoms to the ends of other pompoms (securing the pompoms to each other on the backside of the wreath) - which created a secure wreath. Then I trimmed the ends of the pompoms on the back of the wreath and hung the wreath and trimmed some of the pompom strands until the wreath looked balanced. 

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