TEA COZY (Free Knitting Pattern)

  • Measure the circumference and height of your teapot bowl so you know about how long and how wide to knit your swatch cozy. 
  • After knitting a swatch that wrapped around the teapot comfortably, without stretching or sagging, I used recycled sari silk to corset the yarn around the teapot handle. 
Here are photos of that process. 
Knitting art yarn using my favorite stitch (simple elongated)
Wrapping the swatch around the teapot. See how the width of my swatch goes from the top to the bottom of the bowl. There is a lot of ease in this fabric which makes it effortless to work with. 
Corset lacing up the back of the swatch and around the handle. Again, the ease in this fabric helped it wrap around the teapot bowl effortlessly. No complicated patterning required. Since art yarn itself has complicated texture - I think it looks best when the patterning is minimal. But that's just my aesthetic. 

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