BOOT BANGS art yarn boot toppers (Free Knitting Pattern)

There are two spinning techniques of art yarn in this tutorial: Twisted & Lockspun (Tailspun).

NEEDLES: Size 15, 16 inch circular needles


Yarn A: 15 yards of super bulky grey alpaca yarn from Pam Blasko of Pam's Fiber on ETSY (

Yarn B: 15 yards of handspun white yarn from Robyn Story of Yarns and Storys on ETSY ( - a bulky single ply yarn that coordinates with your art yarns will do, you will see this yarn above the boot.

Yarn C: 30 yards of "Roots" style handspun yarn by Amber Churchill of Designs by Amber ( - or learn to spin your own see tutorial link above.

Yarn D: 20 yards of "Tailspun" style handspun yarn - you can use 10 additional yards of "Roots" style yarn instead of Tailspun if you don't have access to Tailspun. Tailspun yarn can be found by many spinners on ETSY ( or you can spin your own using the link above.

GAUGE: About 2 stitches an inch, although this may vary depending on the yarn you're using so I've included all dimensions within the pattern so you can adjust accordingly.


  • Cast on 24 stitches (12 inches) on size 15 16" circular needles. To make sure your boot toppers are a perfect fit, measure the widest part around your calf and then cast on one inch less than that amount. My calf measures 13 inches around, so I cast on 12 inches of stitches).
  • Yarn A Knit 10 rows (3 inches). This is the part of the boot topper that will be tucked into your boot. If you are from a very cold climate, feel free to knit a longer cuff to tuck into your boot for added warmth - keeping in mind you'll need more yardage than the pattern originally calls for.
  • Yarn D or Yarn C knit 1 row, leaving the tails or twists to hang on the outside of the cuff
  • Yarn A knit 1 row
  • Yarn B knit 3 rows
  • Yarn C or Yarn D knit 1 row, leaving the tails or twists to hang on the outside of the cuff
  • Yarn B knit 1 row
  • Yarn C or Yarn D knit 2 rows leaving the tails or twists to hang on the outside of the cuff. Continue knitting rotating rows of Yarn B and Yarn C or Yarn D until piece reaches 5 inches long (longer is fine too!)
  • Yarn B knit 4 rows (1 inch) and bind off. Option: Knit 2 Pearl 2 (if you cast on an even number of stitches) for a stretchy fitted edge.
The total length of my boot topper is 6 inches, about 3 inches below the boot and 3 inches above. Feel free to add alternating knit rows of Yarn D or C spaced with Yarn B to make the boot cuff higher, or adjust the amount of Yarn B between each art yarn row to allow the art yarns to breathe. If you have a very limited amount of Yarn D or C, you can use more Yarn B to space it out as well. Keep in mind this will change all the yardage estimates you will need in the beginning.

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